Community Welfare

We don't only build farms, we build community.

Although we make use of technology in some aspects of our farms, the welfare of the surrounding area is so important to us – one of the ways is by working with them at our farms. 80% of our workers are locals who live in the surrounding area of our farms. We provide fair pay for the workers and participate in local development programs because we believe that we should grow together.

We want to develop the surrounding environment of our farms by optimizing our infrastructure in the area while playing our part in the local community around us. We connected stable electricity to the villages and thus opening them to more opportunities. We have also improved the road infrastructure so that surrounding locals can benefit from it while we can get our eggs safely to your homes. All of this is done while keeping in mind the rules of the environment, by keeping the nature around us fresh and clean through careful waste management so the area remains a healthy and comfortable place to live.