Egg Care

Get the best out of your eggs by knowing where and how to store them. With the proper care, you’ll be able to store your eggs for up to five weeks. These are few tips to take care of your eggs.


your eggs before cooking, not before storing them. If you wash your eggs before storing, it will wash away the protective layer on the eggshell that resists bacteria, therefore reducing egg’s quality.


your eggs in the main body of your fridge, so not in the refrigerator door. The cool and constant temperature will maintain the freshness of the eggs longer.


your eggs in its original carton. Why? You will not have to worry about forgetting the best before date because it is always visible on the carton. Then, the carton protects the egg from absorbing any unwanted scents or flavors from other foods in that same fridge.

Never reuse

an egg carton to avoid contamination by any bacteria from other food or previous eggs. Always throw away the carton with the last egg used.