Egg Nutrition

Chicken egg is amazing! It is rich in nutrient, containing a variety of 13 vitamins for a total of only 70 calories per egg. It is high on protein, an essential nutrient that builds and repairs muscles as well as makes hormones and enzymes. Your body can’t produce protein, you need to get it from an external source and chicken egg is an excellent source of it!

Other than protein, chicken egg contains other vitamins and minerals with their own benefits.

Vitamin A

Maintaining healthy skin and improving our vision. Lack of vitamin A can cause blindness.

Vitamin B5

Found in the egg yolk, it helps break down protein, carbohydrates, and fats and turn it into energy.

Vitamin B6

Keeping nerve transmission running smoothly and helps protein in immune function.

Vitamin B12

Boosts the digestive system to work as normal and maximizes the function of the nervous system.

Vitamin D & Calcium

Both helping strengthen our bones and our teeth. Besides that, vitamin D also improves resistance against auto-immune diseases or cancer development.

Vitamin E & Selenium

A source of antioxidants, protecting us against any (chronic) diseases.


Important for the development and function of our brain. It also helps to improve our memory capacity. Pregnant women can very much benefit from this nutrient as it develops the memory of an infant during pregnancy.


Helps in producing red and white blood cells and plays a role in the growth of healthy cells.


Essential for the generation of red blood cells in our body. It also helps boost your immune system and increase your energy level.


Much like vitamin E and Calcium, Phosphorus strengthens the bones and teeth and in addition, controls how our body preserves and uses energy


Found in the egg white and is needed for growth and good health in general and helps in producing energy.


Improves our immune system and helps in muscle and organ repair.